Different words may be used for each phase of design by various people… and this can affect, or confuse, the timing, content and quality of documentation and cost planning advice… In other words ‘What to do when, and how to do it…’

The Phases of Design are as follows (though some client submissions may be worded differently):

Phase Cost Plan
1 Master Plan Briefing A
2 Feasibility Study * Planning / Outline Proposal B
3 Schematic Design * Design C1
4 Design Development Detailed Design C2
5 Contract Documentation Documentation / Tender D
6 Contract Administration Construction  
7 Post Occupancy Evaluation Afterwards / Implementation  


Now, these are not always adhered to on small and residential projects, but it is important to ‘sign off’ on Design, Cost & Budget at the end of each phase before proceeding to the next phase.

Cost & Budget Planning should commence (and is most effective) at the earliest
of these stages… @ Feasibility Design and Schematic Design (assuming Master planning is not happening)… *

Schematic Design may also be called Sketch Design or Concept Design… And the cost plan may also be referred to as a Limit of Cost report.

Design Development may also be called Detailed Design.