Material Rates / Prices

This is the cost of purchasing the materials required. It is not a simple matter of getting a price (over the phone, for example) and using it, because supply process are often not that simple, or consistent.

Some examples:

Plasterboard supply prices may be provided as $-per-sheet. You would then need to know the sheet size and how to convert this into a cost per square metre, as this tends to be the way it is measured;

  • Supply Price @ $34.oo per sheet
  • Sheet size, 3600 x 1200mm
  • Price per square metre (m2) is $34.00 / (3.6 x 1.2)  = $ 7.87/m2


Timber supply prices may sometimes be provided as $-per-cubic-metre ($/m3), though we tend to think, and measure, in metre lengths … And so you will need to know how to convert the price from $/m3 to $/m;

  • Supply Price @ $2,500.00 per cubic metre (m3)
  • Timber beam size, 195 x 45mm
  • Price per metre (m) is $2,500.00 x 0.195 x 0.045 = $21.94/m.


Brick supply prices may be $-per-1000, though we tend to think in $/m2 … And so you will need to know how to convert the prices from $/thou. to $/m2;

  • Supply Price @ $1,200.00 per thousand
  • Brick size is 230 x 76 x 110mm thick
  • Add for 10mm mortar
  • Effective size is 240 x 86 x 110mm, for calculating quantities
  • Number of bricks per square metre is 1 / (0.24 x .086) = 48.45
  • Price per square metre (m2) is $1,200.00 / (1000 x 0.24 x 0.086) = $58.14/m2 or,
  • Price per square metre (m2) is $1,200.00 / 1,000 (ie $1.20 each) x 48.45 = $58.14/m2


And though consideration must be given to supply rates/prices, you will need also to consider the following:

  • Waste
  • Minimal ordering quantities
  • Transport and deliveries
  • Storage
  • Faulty materials and replacements
  • Insurances, guarantees and warranties
  • Samples
  • Prototypes

Note: You will also need to be very clear about whether your prices include, or exclude, GST.

Note: The $ figures above are for illustrative purposes only and not for estimating or cost planning guidance.

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